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International Students

International Students

Studying In Sydney

Sydney is a major international city and one of the most popular destinations for international students. Please see the following links for more interesting information about our wonderful city and country:

Arrival and orientation

All new international students arriving in Sydney for the first time are met and welcomed by Sydney International School of Technology and Commerce staff on arrival (including at the airport if we know your travel plans), and are given a quick tour of the School before you come in on the first day. We also show you around the public transport, and food & shopping facilities which are close to the School. Please note that this service will not be provided to students who are studying fully on-line during the COVID-19 pandemic period.

We also let you know about the academic support we provide for you, as well as personal support services, and English language support.

The orientation program includes meeting some of the Sydney International teaching and support staff, and provides you with information to find out more about living in Sydney if you are new to the city, including how to stay safe on our beaches and waterways. We also tell you about how we make your health and safety a priority when you are a student with us.

Finally, the orientation session is an important opportunity for you to ask questions about anything to do with your studies or your life as a student in Sydney and at the School, and most importantly, introduces you to some of your fellow students with whom you may become lifelong friends.

Student visa requirements for International Students

Remember that if you are an International Student at Sydney International, you are permitted to enter Australia under student visa conditions which you MUST follow in order to remain a student. These conditions include, for example, the study load you must take, your attendance at classes, and the hours of employment you may undertake while studying. These provisions are set out on the Department of Home Affairs website.

If you have any questions about these requirements, or your circumstances change, Sydney International staff will provide you with guidance and assistance or help you in discussing this with the relevant authorities.

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