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Courses that motivate you

Experience the Sydney International difference with exciting Master’s, Bachelor and Diploma courses in IT. Prepare yourself for the real world of the information economy.

Innovative state of the art courses

We offer innovative state of the art courses which are all approved as meeting the requirements of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and the Australian Computer Society (ACS). We will be able to apply for accreditation with ACS when we have our first graduates in May 2022.

We offer Postgraduate and Undergraduate courses in Information Technology, including Diploma level courses in Information Technology and Business Information Systems.

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Student resources include specialist IT computer labs, workshop areas, student breakout facilities, library, learning resources, and academic and learning support.

The learning environment at the School has the following features:

  • there is a an Academic Advisor who can help you develop your academic skills and techniques over your stay with us;
  • if you are an International Student, you have the opportunity to practice your English in class to build on the additional English tuition which you can access as a student;
  • we check on your progress and work with you early on areas where we think you can improve;
  • there are regular sessions where industry experts come in to talk to students about industry and career opportunities;
  • we give you the opportunity to work with specialist computer hardware and technologies which you will use in your work as an IT professional.

The SISTC Student Support Policy provides full details of the help which is available to you.


Our courses in IT at Sydney International School of Technology and Commerce have a real-world focus with practical experience and team-based projects designed to prepare graduates for IT career opportunities. We offer the following courses:

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