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Graduate Diploma in IT

Graduate Diploma in IT

Our Graduate Diploma in IT is also designed to prepare students for employment or career progression through a combination of technical and leadership skills. It enables students to further their studies by enrolling in a postgraduate IT course. It also fulfils career needs of those interested in a career progression in IT by preparing them with fundamental and advanced knowledge and skills. The Graduate Diploma is comprised of the first eight units of the Master’s program. This allows students to transition directly into the Master’s qualification with 8 units of credit towards the 16 units required.

List of Units:

Unit Code Unit Name
ICT501 Foundations of IT
ICT502 Internet and Web Development
ICT503 Database Management Systems
ICT504 IT Project Management
ICT505 Data Analytics
ICT506 Cyber Security
ICT507 Cloud Computing
ICT508 Management Information Systems
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