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How to Become a Mobile App Developer in 2022

Are you interested in developing mobile applications? The mobile app industry thrives as the number of users continues to increase. The market is ripe with opportunities, and there’s an expected 7% increase in the demand for app developers in the coming years. There’s no better time to start building your career in app development. As a mobile […]

How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming the Information Technology Industry

  We did not discover the true potential of artificial intelligence until the 1950s. A generation of scientists, physicists, and philosophers initially conceived the idea of AI. Yet, it wasn’t until Alan Turing, a British polymath, said that humans solve issues and make decisions based on available knowledge and reason. If we do it, then machines […]

How to Build a Career in Data Analytics

Did you know that data scientists are one of the highest demanded professionals in the world? Australia is no exception. So, if you are looking for a career in information technology (IT), data analytics might lead you down the right path! Check out this article and learn all about data analytics jobs!   What Is Data Analytics? […]

How to Build a Career in Robotics

The first “modern” robots were created in the 1950s, but did you know that one of the first instances of a mechanical device being built was around 3,000 B.C.? Egyptian water clocks used human figurines to strike bells on the hour. Nowadays, robots look a lot different, and we use them in our everyday lives. As the support […]