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Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

When you are studying for a degree at an institute of higher education, you must maintain academic standards and quality that will be reflected in your assessments and class work.

As a higher education student, we expect you to learn and display these standards in your assessments by using academically appropriate language, style, grammar, formatting, and avoiding plagiarism through correct referencing. At Sydney International we are here to support you with this.

Good academic practice

Good academic practice means that you show personal integrity and a respect for academic scholarship. When we assess your understanding of a subject by assessment tasks, such as essays, theses and projects, you need to do extensive, independent research. To do this research, you will have to refer to the work of various scholars who are authorities in the field. This is normal academic practice because all academic scholarship depends in some way on building on the work of others.

Plagiarism and cheating

When submitting your assessment tasks, if you do not acknowledge your sources you will be committing an act of plagiarism.

Plagiarism includes, but is not limited to:

  • copying words, or ideas, from websites, reference books, journals, newspapers or other sources without acknowledging the source;
  • paraphrasing (to change the words but keep the ideas) material taken from other sources, without acknowledging the source;
  • downloading material from the internet and including it as part of your own work without acknowledging the source; and
  • copying work, such as all or part of an assignment, from other persons and submitting it as your own work.

Plagiarism and cheating are attempts to deceive the marker or examiner. They are acts of academic misconduct for which students will be penalised as described in the rules relating to student misconduct and appeals.

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