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How to Become a Mobile App Developer in 2022

Are you interested in developing mobile applications? The mobile app industry thrives as the number of users continues to increase. The market is ripe with opportunities, and there’s an expected 7% increase in the demand for app developers in the coming years.

There’s no better time to start building your career in app development. As a mobile app developer, you design, test, and deploy apps for smartphones. Take a look behind the scenes and become part of the process.

There are many things to learn when you start a career in developing apps. Continue reading our guide to discover how you can grow in the industry.


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1. Get Essential Knowledge

Consider enrolling yourself in programs that can prime you to become an app developer. Some of the best bachelor programs to enrol in are Computer Science and IT.

However, there are some companies that hire app developers without a degree. With this, you can opt for a diploma course to learn the basic knowledge of app development. Pursue your diploma course in Sydney for many employment opportunities in the field.


2. Choose a Platform

The Information Technology field is full of diverse opportunities because there are so many platforms to try. Each one differs in technical specifications and other factors. Some of the options to try are Blackberry RIM, Symbian, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Choose between Android and iOS if you want your app on a more profitable platform. It’s best to learn one platform at a time, as certain codes may not translate well between platforms. It can result in a poor user interface and experience.


3. Learn Coding Skills

Many development platforms allow you to design basic apps. However, coding is an essential skill in app development. It gives you more tools to customize the app and add features.

This is where your degree or course will come in. With this, choose your programming language and learn at your pace.


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Android and iOS use different technical skills for developing an app. The programming languages you need for Android apps are Java, Kotlin, and XML. For iOS, you must learn Swift, Objective-C, UIKit, and Xcode.

Using Java, Kotlin, and XML allows you to change a software design into a functional app. This helps you learn how to use the different components for app development. It includes standard views, conventional view containers, and more.

Swift and Objective-C are the main languages used in developing iOS applications. If you want to be an independent app developer, prioritize learning Swift. On the contrary, Objective-C is ideal if you work in an app development company.

UIKit is another great system you can use for designing user interfaces. It allows you to add features, such as default components and animation in iOS apps. Use the Xcode to make writing applications easy.


4. Practice What You Learned

Knowing how to code is only half the battle when it comes to app development. With this, practice what you learned to become more proficient when you start working. Doing so can guarantee the best results.

First, determine problems people often face and list them to develop an app idea. Create an outline of the application and its vital features. Next, ask other professional developers to help you to create it.

Applying acquired knowledge can be hard when starting. Working with other developers allows you to learn and improve your skills. User experience is also a vital factor in successful app development.

Gather a list of beta testers to help you test-run your app before launch. Using feedback will allow you to polish the app and make it ready for the app market.


5. Earn Certifications

As mentioned prior, the demand for app developers will only increase in the future. With added opportunities, there is also greater competition. Give yourself a head start and enrol in one of our courses.

Additionally, earning extra certifications is another way to highlight your qualifications as an app developer. You can use it to put your coding knowledge to the test. You can find development platforms that offer certifications on the web.

However, you must pass an examination to earn it. Some of the platforms that grant certification are Apple and Google.

Check the coverage on their website to prepare yourself. Apple gives a digital badge for Swift and Xcode when you pass the test.


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6. Create Your Resume and Portfolio

Prepare a new resume whenever you apply and ensure your skills fit the job requirements. Include your achievements to prove your competence. You can add your projects and their essential information.

Start building your portfolio after mastering your skills. It must provide an insight into your personality, achievements, and work ethic. Make it engaging to increase the chances of getting hired.

It’s best to include a landing page, certifications, and testimonials for your portfolio.

The landing page must grab attention. Follow a colour palette, use simple fonts, and add graphics to improve presentation. You must keep the information organized, too.

The About section must cover interests and characteristics that make you stand out. Present big projects you participated in as an entry-level developer. You must include the skills that make you a qualified candidate, too.

Lastly, ensure to put your contact information, such as mobile number and emails.


7. Apply for an Internship

Start submitting applications for an internship after creating your resume and portfolio. Search for companies accepting interns and check if you fit the job requirements. The Australian smartphone app developers industry is set to grow by nearly 9% in 2022. Take advantage of that.

Then, prepare yourself for the interviews. Learn more about the company to get an insight into its goals. Find most asked interview questions on the internet and try answering them.

Doing so can boost your confidence and prepare you for the interview. Work hard on your IT job when accepted for an internship. Practising proper work etiquette increases the possibility of securing a permanent position.


Building Your Career in App Development

The mobile app industry continues to grow as the number of smartphone users increases. The road to an app development career isn’t easy, but it can be one of the most rewarding experiences. If you’ve always wanted to become an app developer, now’s your chance.

Pursue your study in Sydney to receive a quality education in Information Technology. Contact SISTC today to learn more.