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Tips & Tricks
The Ultimate Guide to Study Smarter, Not Longer

Here’s a riddle: two people study the same amount of time for a test with the same material, but one gets a much better grade than the other. Why?    They likely had better study skills and knew how to use their time effectively to prepare for that exam. Knowing your personal study strategy is essential […]

5 Weekend Escapes for Students

Weekend breaks present the perfect opportunity for international students to explore the regions surrounding Sydney.

8 Affordable Activities in Sydney

As a city, there are numerous affordable activities throughout Sydney for international students. While studying in Sydney, remember to take the time to enjoy what Sydney has to offer.

6 Study Tips to Be a Successful Student

Remaining focused while studying can be challenging for many students. However, finding a study routine that works best for you and managing your time can assist with effective study and help you become a successful student.

7 Tips for Achieving Long Term Goals

Accomplishing a goal that you have set can be challenging. There are numerous activities that you may need to complete to achieve your goal.