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Academic Staff

Academic Staff

Dr. Aaron Bere
Unit Coordinator and Lecturer

Aaron is committed to the provision of effective teaching. His experience in public and private institutions, as well as academic qualifications has prepared him to be a better lecturer. His teaching philosophy can be described as one that incorporates small group and one-on-one teaching. He emphasises active learning approaches, fostering critical thinking and knowledge construction that lead to deep learning. Striving to remain a strong source of nurturing support, he encourages students to thrive, gets to know them and their learning styles.

Dr. Fadi Kotob
Senior Lecturer

Fadi is a highly motivated educator with over 10 years of teaching and leadership experience across Australian public universities and private education institutions. He is committed to excellence in education and leadership, which he delivers by making students’ education a transformative and enriching experience, and by nurturing his colleagues using a servant leadership style. Fadi has award winning teaching skills, passion for excellence, and ability to deliver superior student experience and engagement.

Ms. Bee Bee Chua
Unit Coordinator and Lecturer

Bee Bee has previously worked at other Australian universities and has strong expertise in teaching and learning. She has published more than thirty quality (IEEE, ACM, Springer) research articles in the field of Computing Science and Information Systems, and she is one of the section editors for Australasian Journal of Information Systems (AJIS). The passion for teaching inspires her to seek new teaching techniques, and she hopes her teaching enthusiasm motivates students to find learning interesting and engaging.

Ms. Amber Zhang
Lecturer and Unit Coordinator/ Corporate Administration Officer

Amber is an experienced Accountant and can address any questions competently and with personalised advice. Having a background in CPA Australia, as well as teaching at an Australian public university, she will be delivering introductory accounting lectures at Sydney International. With accounting experience in different fields, she is looking forward to bringing an interactive learning experience of unique accounting insights to our students. She looks forward to assisting students with any accounting enquiries they may have.

Dr. Zawar Shah
Senior Lecturer

Zawar has more than 12 years’ academic experience in which he has effectively taught both post and undergraduate students. During his academic career, he has held many academic leadership positions in major universities and institutes. Zawar’s teaching philosophy is student centred, which enables him to create a fun and engaging learning experience for our students. His expertise lies in the areas of Cyber Security, Computer Networks, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and Software Defined Networking.

Dr. Yancong Xie (Ray)
Unit Coordinator and Lecturer

Yancong worked in multiple Australian public universities and higher education institutions, teaching students from various backgrounds at all levels (PhD, MBA, MBIS, BBIS, & BIT). He views himself as a study peer of his students instead of an instructor. With the goal of teaching being to make every one of his students feel cared for, he supports them to realize their dreams and achieve success by themselves. He hopes his students can enjoy the learning process and adopt self-study habits which can greatly benefit them after their course.

Mr. Usman Naseem
Unit Coordinator and Lecturer

Usman’s teaching philosophy is to create a supportive educational environment where students with diverse backgrounds, interests, and learning styles can learn as productively and enjoyably as possible. As an active researcher, he has published many academic papers in his area. He is a member of different professional bodies, such as, IEEE, and the Association for Computing Machinery. He is also an academic reviewer of several reputed journals and has served as session chair/co-chair/TPC member of dozens of conferences.

Mr. Md Shamsur Rahim
Unit Coordinator and Lecturer

Shamsur is a highly motivated Lecturer with over 5 years’ experience working in higher education providers. He completed his MSc and BSc with the highest academic distinctions, which provided him with the necessary skills and expertise in IT. His teaching philosophy is student-centric which allows him to create a friendly environment where students participate spontaneously. He is a member of different professional bodies such as IEEE, Association for Computing Machinery, and Australian Water Association.

Ms. Ashwini Shivabasappa
Unit Coordinator and Lecturer

Ashwini has been researcher and educator with over 7 years’ teaching experience. She has held many academic positions at universities and educational institutions. Her responsibilities include planning and revising curriculum as well as content development. She is a committed and enthusiastic lecturer with a passion for sharing knowledge and inspiring students. Her expertise lies in programming, data analytics, networking, data modelling and database concepts, and internetworking technologies.

Ms. Cinthia Godly
Work Integrated Learning Coordinator

Cinthia’s role is to provide you advice on work placements and capstone projects. She has over 17 years’ experience in teaching IT and was awarded the Vice-Chancellors award in 2011 and 2016 for her contributions to student learning. Her research interests are in deep learning techniques for online learning, blockchain for IoMT, and information systems analysis for education. She has over 15 years’ experience working with international students and is looking forward to helping and guiding you to succeed in your academic studies.

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